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1. No hidden destination charges

We Express Freight Forwarders Ltds Ltd.”can customise our systems to every client’s individuals and to their specific needs, giving each one a personalised shipping service. We have access to very competitive rates and offer the flexibility of services that our larger competitors cannot provide. Our services include Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Ocean Freight Consolidation services, Air Freight Consolidation services, Vendor Consolidation, Customs Clearance, Marine Insurance, Distribution and other value added global logistics services.

Our mission is to provide an excellent shipping experience for our clients. Whether the need is for importing or exporting freight, Express Freight Forwarders Ltds Ltd is perfect for the job! We value client for their business and for our thanks, we offer flexible scheduling and very competitive rates to accommodate each client. Allowing clients to save both time and money during their shipping experience. As an advantage over our competitors, Express Freight Forwarders Ltds Ltd operates as a small group to enhance our quality of freight services, and the ability to provide personalised attention to each discerning client.

2. Planned collection/delivery slots

We aim to be with you for the delivery, collection of your shipment within two hours which allows you to plan your time better on that day. In areas which are not supported by our own Express Freight Forwarders Ltd fleet, i.e. where we operate via our partner network, we are unable to provide this option to you.

3. Global Delivery & Collection

Express Freight Forwarders Ltd provides you with a web portal to view the progress of your national or international shipment. You can arrange the collection of your shipment from your original address and its delivery to your destination address through our website from wherever you happen to be travelling.

4. Global Door-to-Door shipments

Express Freight Forwarders Ltd offers competitively priced doorEnquiretoEnquiredoor national and international shipping services for your goods. These prices enjoy the benefits of us operating our own international shipping network our worldwide agencies network: deep knowledge of the shipping process in each country and a streamlined process.
Express Freight Forwarders Ltd is committed to protecting you from unnecessary costs and prides itself in safe guarding your shipment of to its destination.

5. Worldwide Freight coverage Knowledge

Express Freight Forwarders Ltd operates an international shipping network. We operate a centralised customer contact centre in the UK which draws upon first hand knowledge and experience of local import and export requirements and processes for your benefit.

6. FREE packing materials delivered

Express Freight Forwarders Ltd will deliver packing materials which includes bubble wrap, rolls of tape and marker pen together with the shipping cartons or barrels you request. We do not charge for these packing materials and they are yours to use to ensure you pack your goods in the most secure way for safe shipping. Should you require an additional delivery of our free packing materials; a charge will be made for the delivery only. Your own boxes/cartons are permitted but please ensure that your cartons are made of strong cardboard. If you are unsure, please use our cartons, they are FREE, chemically hardened and specifically designed for international sea and air shipping protection of your excess baggage. If you do send your own cartons, please provide us with their exact dimensions (length, width and height) so we can give you an exact quote.

7. Do you accept my suitcases?

Yes, we do; we also accept holdalls and backpacks. Please provide exact dimensions (length, width and height) as this allows us to give you an accurate quote.

8. How long can I keep the cartons for?

There is no time limit. Please do not leave the delivery of your empty cartons till the last minute, allow yourself plenty of time to pack.

9. Door to Port/Airport Service

Our door to port shipping service allows you to collect your shipment on its arrival at the destination terminal. In most cases, as the owner/sender or your consignee, will need to collect the baggage personally, clear it through customs and settle any terminal charges, customs duty, local tax or wharfage fees – including, where applicable, quarantine fees.

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