Overseas Motorbike Shipping from the UK

We are experts in importing and exporting motorcycles around the world. We arrange pickup, crating, and shipping from almost anywhere in the world. There are two methods of shipping motorcycles, the first being by groupage. When organising a motorcycle shipment, our usual procedure is to pick up your motorcycle and take it back to our warehouse. There, it will be measured and fixed securely into a crate. This crate will then be taken to port and shipped along with many other consignments to its destination. Obviously you will only pay for the space that your cycle takes up. If your motorcycle is already crated, or you are able to take it to port yourself and don’t require any storage, we can accommodate our rates to fit only what is need to be done by us.

A secondary option is to ship by RORO, but the ports and vessels that offer a roll on/roll off service for motorcycles are few and far between. When you contact us for a quote to ship your motorcycle, we will be able to provide you with more information and whether this service is available for you.

We have a daily motorbike collection service providing nationwide coverage from anywhere in the UK and arrange for your bike to be transported either to the port of departure or to our packing facility using specialist motorcycle collection vehicles. You can of course make your own arrangements to deliver your bike yourself if you wish. We provide the necessary directions, required customs documentation and paperwork for you to make delivery direct to the port or packing station.

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Secure Crating for your Motorbike

All shipping crates are individually built to the exact measurements of each bike. First the bike is positioned on to a heavy duty base before both wheels and the stand are secured with wooden chocks. Strap banding is fed through the wheels and over the frame being careful to protect areas of contact with foam padding to ensure all paintwork is covered before the straps are tensioned in place. When secured to the base and crate sides are in position, bikes are braced using lengths of timber within the crate with more foam padding ensuring paintwork remains protected. The top of the crate is then secured before the whole crate is externally strap and a uniquely numbered seal is applied providing a tamper proof shipping unit.

Packing your motorcycle for shipping

We will collect your motorbike directly from your residence – or if you prefer deliver to our depot and save money. Your motorcycle will be packed into a purpose built wooden shipping case – with room for helmet, leathers and even a small amount of personal effects if necessary. Your crated motorbike will then be dispatched to the port for immediate overseas shipping.

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Sea Freight Motorcycle Shipping

For most customers, shipping your motorbike by sea will be the most cost effective method. The crated motorbike will be loaded into a steel shipping container along with other customers shipments. We offer weekly sailings to all major worldwide ports. As soon as your bike has been loaded onto a vessel we will automatically forward confirmation of the sailing details together with contact information for our local partner overseas.

Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Motorbike Shipping

RoRo shipping will see your bike ridden on to a specialist vessel designed for the transportation of cars and motorbikes and secured into purpose built racks. Bikes are then simply driven off at destination for customs clearance and collection

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Air Freight Motorcycle Shipping

Where quick transit times are paramount we also offer the option of sending your motorbike by air freight. The crated bike will be sent directly to the airport for immediate loading to an aircraft with shipping taking a day or two. We will forward a copy of the air waybill immediately, confirming flight dates and times together with contact information for our local partner handling customs formalities.

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Comprehensive Transit Insurance

We offer full marine transit insurance for all motorbikes shipped from the UK – ensuring your peace of mind for your cherished bike. For customers leaving the UK but not travelling immediately we also offer storage at our secure UK depot prior to shipping.

Free Advice and Quotations

For more information, sailing schedules and customs guidance, please contact one of our bike shipping experts today on 0207 856 0589, or complete the quote request form at the top of this page and we will contact you directly.

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