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EU / UK Border Customs Clearance Specialists
Customs clearance is complex business, and can result in costly fines and delays if not carried out correctly. At Express Freight Forwarders Ltd we know this very well and are here to assist in all aspects relating to the customs clearance of your goods. So whatever your country of origin, whatever your destination, we will make it easy and uncomplicated.

What we provide
Express Freight Forwarders Ltd provides a comprehensive customs clearance service for Import and Export shipments arriving and departing from all UK ports and Airports. Our specialist knowledge in understanding UK import regulations enables us to offer advice to Importers on all customs related matters across the following areas:

Duty Rates
Quota Requirements
Port Health
Carnets and IPR/OPR
LVBI and e-commerce customs entries
OCR Customs Procedures
Our team of customs clearance experts will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you have all the correct documentation for a hassle free, quick transportation.

Brexit / Customs Clearance Services:
Brexit Advisory Service with full HMRC Compliance.
AEO Approval (HMRC Gold Seal Approval)
Birds Authority (Bulk Import Reduced Data Set)
CFSP Guarantee Authority
Out of Hours Clearance Service
T1 Discharge at UK Border
Customs Clearance at all UK Ports Inventory Linked to Chief & Non Inventory Linked Ports
Food Stuff & Perishable Customs Department
Import Duty Consultancy
Quota experts
Rail Services from EU directly to our own Bonded ETSF Warehouse

In House Customs Clearance Department
As an experienced and trusted forwarder, Express Freight Forwarders Ltd has links to the UK’s major airports, ports and terminals and also uses the latest technology for electronic transmission direct to Customs. This enables us to provide fast Customs Clearance of shipments arriving at all Ports and Airports nationwide.

We offer free advice and guidance on all complex customs documentation and give specific instruction to ensure your submissions can be promptly processed.
Provide access to bonded warehouse facilities in the UK, offer warehousing, break-bulk and delivery services nationwide.
Offer standard services and tailor made options to suit all individual requirements.

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